07 março 2008

Desenvolvimento Ágil chegou ao auge?

Agile software development processes appear more effective than traditional approaches, but agile seems to have hit a wall as far as growth, according to an IBM official's keynote presentation Monday afternoon at the SD West conference in Santa Clara, Calif.

Citing survey data, Scott Ambler, IBM practice leader for agile development, said a February survey with about 600 respondents found 69 percent were utilizing agile development practices. "The bad news is, this is the exact same number we had last year," Ambler said. This, he said, leads him to speculate that "agile has peaked.

Será mesmo??? Kelly Waters crê no contrário

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  1. Fala Victor,

    Tem uma palestra (video) do Scott Ambler na net sobre isto:


    Bem interessante. Vale a pena dar uma olhada