23 maio 2010

Submissao para PyConf Ireland


Segue abaixo a descrição da palestra que enviei esta semana para a PyCon Ireland.

Mesmo que nao seja aceita (fingers crossed), vou tentar escrever por aki o que tenho feito com bots,

Title: Having fun with Xmpp Bots

Type: Tutorial / Presentation

"The Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP), is a set of
xml technologies for presence and real-time created by the Jabber
community in 1999" (from http://xmpp.org/)
Imagine the possibility of creating a real time channel, capable of
notifying and interact, using a simple instant messaging application.
Integrating such tool on your application could bring real value to
you and customers.
The main focus of this presentation is to show an easy way to create
and use computer bots through the python language, suggesting useful
applications, and bring together some advanced considerations about
security and natural language processing.

Learn how to create a bot using jabberBot (5minutes tutorial):
- basics
- testing
- live example

How to make it useful?
- Real time notification system
- Integration with Yahoo, Exchange APIs
- System administration

Getting serious
- Alternative libraries
- Language Processing

* JabberBot, Google App Engine, Xmppy, Twisted
* System Admin

Suggested length:
30 minutes


Como acompanhar?

Já iniciei o projeto no Github (http://github.com/victorhg/botnet), e a intenção é seguir evoluindo o botnet até a apresentação,junto com outros exemplos usando google app engine e twisted...

stay tuned...